square [skwer]
[ME < OFr esquarre < VL * exquadra < * exquadrare, to make square < L ex, out + quadrare, to square < quadrus, a square < base of quattuor,FOUR]
1. a plane figure having four equal sides and four right angles: see QUADRILATERAL
a) anything having or approximating this shape [a square of cloth]
b) any of the spaces on a board for chess, checkers, etc.
3. BLOCK (n. 11)
a) an open area bounded by, or at the intersection of, several streets, usually used as a park, plaza, etc.
b) buildings surrounding such an area
5. an instrument having two sides that form an angle of 90 degrees, used for drawing or testing right angles
6. a solid piece with at least one face that is a square [to cut a cake into squares]
7. the product of a number or quantity multiplied by itself [9 is the square of 3 ]
8. Informal a square meal [three squares a day]: see SQUARE (adj. 11)
9. Slang a person who is SQUARE (adj. 12)
squared, squaring [ME squaren < OFr esquarrer < VL * exquadrare]
a) to make into a square; make square
b) to make into any rectangle
2. to test or adjust with regard to straightness or evenness [to square a surface with a straightedge]
3. to bring to or near to the form of a right angle [to square one's shoulders]
a) to settle; adjust; make right or even [to square accounts]
b) to adjust or settle the accounts of [to square oneself with another]
5. to make equal [to square the score of a game]
6. to bring into agreement; make conform [to square a statement with the facts]
7. to mark off (a surface) in a series of connected squares
8. to bring into the correct position, as with reference to a line, course, etc.
9. to multiply (a number or quantity) by itself
10. to determine the square that is equal in area to (a figure)
11. [Old Slang] to bribe
[ME < OFr esquarre, pp. of esquarrer]
to fit; agree; accord (with)
squarer, squarest
a) having four equal sides and four right angles
b) more or less cubical; rectangular and three-dimensional, as a box
2. forming a right angle, or having a rectangular part or parts
3. correctly adjusted or positioned; straight, level, even, etc.
a) leaving no balance; balanced; even
b) even in score; tied
5. just; fair; honest
6. clear; direct; straightforward; unequivocal [a square refusal]
a) designating or of a unit of surface measure in the form of a square having sides of a specified length
b) given or stated in terms of such surface measure
8. having a shape broad for its length or height, with a solid, sturdy appearance, and somewhat rectangular or rectilinear [a square jaw]
9. square or rectangular in cross section, as some files
10. designating a number that is the product of another number multiplied by itself
11. Informal satisfying; solid; substantial [a square meal ]
12. Slang not conversant with the current fads, styles, slang, etc.; old-fashioned, unsophisticated, conservative, etc.
13. Naut. at right angles to the keel and mast, as the yards of a square-rigged ship
squarer, squarest
1. honestly; fairly; justly
2. so as to be or form a square; at right angles
3. directly; exactly
4. so as to face
5. firmly; solidly
on the square
1. at right angles (to something specified)
2. Informal honest(ly), fair(ly), genuine(ly), etc.
out of square
1. not at right angles (with something specified)
2. Informal not in harmony, order, or agreement
square away
1. to bring a ship's yards around so as to sail directly before the wind
3. Informal to get ready; put in order
☆ square off
to assume a posture of attack or self-defense, as in boxing
☆ square oneself
Informal to make amends for damage, a wrong, hurt, etc. done by oneself to another
square the circle
1. to construct or find a square equal in area to a given circle: an insoluble problem in Euclidean geometry
2. to do or attempt something that seems impossible
square up
1. to make a settlement, as by paying, balancing accounts, etc.
2. to assume a posture of opposition (to an adversary)

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